An intimate and personalized experience you can trust. 

An intimate and personalized experience you can trust. 

They said "I Do", shared their first kiss and joyfully strutted back down the aisle.

Suddenly, just as we were about to begin their couple's portraits, the bride started feeling faint and began to hyperventilate. As her family began to panic and the fear set in that she might not make it to her reception - the reception she's been dreaming about since she was a little girl - my team and I jumped into action.

Within seconds, we had her corset-dress fully loosened up, water in hand and food on the way, all the while fanning and calmly talking to her until her breathing returned to normal. After a few minutes of rest, she was back to feeling good as new and not only made it to her reception - but danced the whole night away - just as she had always dreamed.

When you trust me with your wedding day, you get so much more than just a photographer. You get a cheerleader, problem-solver and right-hand woman by your side every step of the way.

WANT An experience that puts YOU, your unique values, priorities, wants and needs first?


Weddings are not a one-size-fits all.

And you deserve a wedding photography experience that is as unique as you are.


Wedding planning can get overwhelming quickly, I understand! My goal is to take as much stress off your plate as I can. Aside from Step 2, we will also spend time diving into all things wedding photography prep as well. We'll ensure your day is structured in the perfect way for you and that we've covered all the important details in advance so that, come your wedding day, you can be fully present and enjoy every moment with your friends/family to the fullest!

Strategically Plan For Less Stress + Peace Of Mind

In order to best capture you + your relationship(s) and document your story authentically, it is so important that you first feel seen and understood! So, we'll spend time diving into who you are, what you love about each other, who and what you value most - and much more. This way, come your wedding day, you can feel fully confident that your photographer is capturing you and your day as authentically as possible.

Dive Deep Into Your Unique Story, Relationship + Values

The very first step is to connect so that I can learn more about your vision for your wedding day. We'll dive into your unique wants and needs and then create a custom collection and experience specifically suited for you and your special day! After just under a decade of documenting weddings, I truly believe that no two are the same - and yours is no exception!

Understand Your Specific Vision, Wants + Needs


The Wedding Experience



Our lives are a collection of moments, experiences, feelings and memories... and what better way to honor the beginning of this new chapter in your lives together than by preserving those memories as custom heirloom artwork that will be talked about and passed on for generations? After your wedding, I'll help you to design and create your first family heirloom. 
Because your story is worth preserving.

Custom Create Your First Family Heirloom

The big moment you have been waiting for is finally here - your wedding day!!! By now, you have done everything you possibly could to plan and prepare and now it's time to simply be present, take it all in and fully enjoy every moment of this special day! And I'll be right by your side for every moment documenting, serving and celebrating alongside you as hard as I can! 

Document Authentically + Celebrate Hard



Does this sound like the wedding experience for you?

I'm the wedding photographer for you, if you want:

• a personalized experience working directly with your photographer from beginning to end

• your photo sessions designed around and shot in a way that best captures your unique relationship and story

• a photo-experience that is so much fun you almost forget it’s a photoshoot

• a hands-on photographer that will guide you through the entire planning process; sharing tips and advice along the way to ensure you are as prepared as possible to capture the photos of your dreams

• the ability to easily create unique and custom-designed artwork to house your most cherished memories for generations to come; your first family heirlooms




Imagine 20 years from now...
You're sitting on the couch surrounded by family and sharing stories as you flip through the pages of your beloved wedding album.

You giggle as you remember your grandma's sweet dance moves. Your heart swells as you relive your partner's reaction to you walking down the aisle. And wipe away a tear as you remember and honor those who may no longer be with us, but will live on forever inside those pages.

Your memories are precious.

So, I only work with the best labs in the world to ensure that your custom albums and wall-art will live on to tell your story for generations to come.

. . .to your living room.

From Social Media... 

"It's difficult to write anything because I’m sobbing so badly. The words! The photos! I’m overwhelmed with happiness and pride. Thank you!"


“Stefani is a top-notch photographer by every measure. She is also personable and truly cares about capturing the essence of the relationship. Even though I'm not a fan of taking photos, I had an absolute blast during the entire session. We were specifically looking for bright, energetic, and vibrant photos... and they turned out beautifully and equally importantly, the entire shoot felt fun and natural... there was not a minute of boredom or tension. Bottom line is that Stefani is a fantastic photographer. We would choose her again for any future shoots and so should you.”  - Alan + Rachel

"Stefani truly cares about capturing the essence of the relationship."


Seriously, she's the best. My wife and I can't speak any higher about Stefani. And... she wasn't like your other shameless vendors who beg and solicit for Yelp reviews in return for deals. This review is solely because I can't stop raving about how great Stefani is."  - Tim + Katy

"an excellent photographer who will go the extra mile... she's the best."

"an excellent photographer who will go the extra mile... she's the best."

“Stefani is absolutely amazing! We had never had professional photos done so were a little anxious to see how our engagement shoot would go. Stefani made us feel so comfortable and constantly kept us moving with new, creative poses. Not only did the shoot go incredibly smooth, but our pictures are complete perfection! The color is so vibrant, we look like we belong in a magazine. Several guests commented that they were some of the best photos they have ever seen. We will absolutely be recommending Stefani to all of our Dallas friends who are in the market for a photographer!”   
- Kacie + Ryan

"Our pictures are complete perfection!
...we look like we belong in a magazine."


“No words could ever explain how incredible Stefani is to work with. She is enthusiastic, professional, and truly cares about her CLIENTS. Hands down, one of the best vendors at my children's wedding, and now proud to call her my friend.”

“Stefani was the best! Hands down. Not only did she make us feel very comfortable as we planned everything, she went above the call of what I believe a photographer does. If you come across this review while searching for a photographer just stop looking because this is the girl you need!”  - Eric + Paige

“Stefani was the best! Hands down.
...if you are searching for a photographer, just stop, because this is the girl you need!"

“Can't say enough great things about Stefani. She truly deserves all the success because she really puts everything out there for her couples. We picked her for our engagement/family pictures and wedding pictures and we have no regrets. The entire experience from beginning to end was beyond amazing. She went above and beyond and captured every moment perfectly. Photos are definitely a priority on any special occasion and she is truly amazing at what she does.”   - Angie + Gary

"The entire experience from beginning to end was beyond amazing..."

“This girl is all around amazing! She is an absolute sweetheart. She really gets to know you as a couple, which made it feel more like our friend was taking our photos. I'm in love with the shots she captured! Her attention to detail is one of the things that I love most and she just has the eye to capture the perfect moments. She goes above and beyond to make everything special. Thank you Stefani!”  - Megan + Matt

"She goes above and beyond to make everything special... and has the eye to capture the perfect moments..."

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Your Story Is Worth It



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