Alta Vista Country Club, Placentia | Wedding | Alesia + Garrett

Over the years I have witnessed many different wedding traditions and customs. And this Alta Vista Country Club wedding managed to introduce me to a handful of new traditions. All I am absolutely obsessing over!  I may not be from Kyrgyzstan, but I think I may steal a few of these incredibly fun traditions for my own wedding one day!  ;)

Wedding Day

The day officially began when Garrett arrived to Alesia’s hotel with his groomsmen and family in tow.  They were greeted downstairs by Alesia’s bridesmaids. Who had an obstacle course of sorts (called “Redemption”) that Garrett had to win (or pay) his way through in order to prove that he was worthy of marrying the lovely Alesia.

The game included activities such as being given a list of dates and having to accurately guess the significance of each date (or pay for each wrong guess). He had to guess which lipstick kiss was hers on a piece of paper with 30 other lips on it (or again, pay for each wrong guess). He had to improvise and sing a song at the top of his lungs to serenade her from outside her hotel room (for all to hear). And upon finally entering the hotel room, he had to choose which door his beloved soon-to-be wife was behind (the catch? he would have to marry whoever was behind the door he chose). After guessing wrong twice and paying up both times, her bridesmaids finally agreed that Garrett had proven his love for Alesia and was now worthy of marrying her.

At this point she finally came out of hiding and they were able to enjoy their first look surrounded by all of their loved ones cheering them on!

Ceremony & Reception

Both the ceremony and reception were held at the beautiful Alta Vista Country Club, in Placentia.  The ceremony took place on their lawn decorated with a beautiful gazebo. And the reception in their main hall, conveniently located right next to each other.  Their golf course had some very picturesque locations, including their big fountain and incredibly cute bridge.  The reception was jam-packed with so many fun and meaningful traditions.  But one of my personal favorites was when the bride had her shoe stolen and in order for Garrett to have his first dance with Alesia, he and his groomsmen had to win back the shoe from her bridesmaids.

The girls presented the boys with 5 wrapped boxes, one of them containing Alesia’s shoe. And then made the boys do a funny game/task to earn a box. For example, one of the boxes Garrett had to serenade Alesia a cappella. Another box the boys had to do a number of push-ups. And another they all had to do a sexy dance (and when they didn’t get quite sexy enough, the girls got on the floor to show them how it’s done and then made them copy their moves). It was incredibly entertaining, to say the least!  I have never seen a groom work so hard to “prove his worthiness” and let me just say that Garrett and his groomsmen did not disappoint!

Alesia & Garrett

Alesia and Garrett are one of those couples that after seeing them interact for just a few minutes, you have no doubt they were meant for each other. And considering they met halfway across the world, just further confirms their relationship was fate!  If you haven’t already, you can read all about their love story on their engagement blog here!  The way that they look at each other and the way they talk about one another is filled with so much love and respect. It’s incredibly beautiful to witness and I could not be happier and more excited for the two of them!  And now, without further ado, enjoy a handful of my favorite images from their beautiful and fun-filled Alta Vista Country Club wedding!

smwedding-6649 smwedding-6664 smwedding-6710 smwedding-6772 smwedding-6675 smwedding-6679 smwedding-6800 smwedding-6674 smwedding-6810 smwedding-6720 sabitamattwedding-3819 sabitamattwedding-3608 sabitamattwedding-3841 sabitamattwedding-3846 smwedding-6831 smwedding-6866 smwedding-7197 smwedding-7209 smwedding-7228 smwedding-7290 smwedding-7371smwedding-7330 smwedding-7320smwedding-7369smwedding-7446 smwedding-7424 smwedding-7475 smwedding-7429 sabitamattwedding-4241smwedding-7504 smwedding-7516 smwedding-7407 smwedding-7533 smwedding-7546 smwedding-7605 sabitamattwedding-3691 smwedding-7597 smwedding-7599 smwedding-7688 sabitamattwedding-3751 smwedding-7704 Alta Vista Country Club wedding ceremony Wedding ceremony at Alta Vista Country Club smwedding-7816 smwedding-7748 Outdoor wedding at Alta Vista Country Club in Placentia smwedding-7770 smwedding-7847 smwedding-7857 smwedding-7756 sabitamattwedding-3762 sabitamattwedding-3821 smwedding-7961 Bride and groom kissing at Alta Vista Country Club wedding sabitamattwedding-4138 sabitamattwedding-4145 Couple walking down the aisle after Alta Vista Country Club wedding ceremony smwedding-7972 smwedding-7975 Bride and groom with family at Alta Vista Country Club wedding smwedding-8163 smwedding-8069 smwedding-8170 smwedding-8272 smwedding-8075 smwedding-8113 smwedding-8117 Alta Vista Country Club wedding photo smwedding-8424 Alta Vista Country Club wedding portraits smwedding-8437 smwedding-8342 smwedding-8525 Wedding photography at Alta Vista Country Club smwedding-8569 smwedding-8357 smwedding-8319 smwedding-8388 smwedding-8591 sabitamattwedding-4358 smwedding-8643 sabitamattwedding-3833 sabitamattwedding-4173 sabitamattwedding-4189 sabitamattwedding-4201 sabitamattwedding-4198 sabitamattwedding-4048 smwedding-8659 smwedding-8829 smwedding-8779 smwedding-9165 smwedding-9171 smwedding-8795 smwedding-8925 smwedding-9183 smwedding-9208 smwedding-9235 smwedding-9249 smwedding-9286 smwedding-9311 smwedding-9323 smwedding-9344 smwedding-9340 smwedding-9357 smwedding-9360 smwedding-9364 smwedding-9365 smwedding-9370 smwedding-9103 smwedding-9394


Wedding Photography // Stefani Ciotti Photography
Venue + Catering //  Alta Vista Country Club, Placentia
Florist // Victoria’s Garden
Dress // Oleg Cassini
Suit //  Men’s Wearhouse
DJ // Station Identification
Rings // Vartan’s Fine Jewelry
Makeup + Hair + Invitation // Ashlie Ibrahim (IG: @ashliefleig)
Second Photographer // Cara Danielle
Photography Assistant // Bee Ruiz

Stefani Ciotti



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  1. Jesi says:

    Wow!!! So much fun! What a beautiful wedding!!!

  2. Misty says:

    Her ring is STUNNING!! What a fun start to a perfect day!

  3. Jill says:

    These are SO pretty Stefani and I LOVE that ceremony location!!

  4. Mindy says:

    Beautiful details. Swooning over the invites and the florals. What a beautiful wedding.

  5. Joanna says:

    Such a cute ceremony site :)

  6. Yacon Root says:

    Great Blog. Really enjoyed reading.

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