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La Bella Luna Wedding Venue in Granbury Texas

Wedding Venues in Dallas

In 2020, just under 30,000 couples were married in DFW (still waiting on the official stats for 2021 weddings, but I would imagine that number was significantly higher.)  Therefore, you must assume there would be quite a few wedding venues in Dallas TX to be able to host that number of weddings.  And you’d be […]

The Big White Barn

The Big White Barn

The Venue The Big White Barn has a passion for faith, family, and community.  The barn was born out of those passions. The owners are Christian homeschoolers and part of that homeschooling experience is attending contra dances.  (If you’ve ever seen Gone with the Wind and the Virginia Reel, then you’ve basically got the idea.) […]

Hotel Lucy Wedding

Hotel Lucy Wedding Venue in Granbury

THE VENUE Located within walking distance to downtown Granbury, Hotel Lucy is a luxurious and intimate escape. Their upscale amenities and perfectly manicured courtyard make for the perfect backdrop to the dream wedding day! This lovely wedding venue & hotel features: top of the line customer service and hospitality the convenience of having guests stay […]

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