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The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist | My Secret to Staying Organized

engaged man smiling at bride in red dress at mandalay canal in las colinas texas during engagement session with Stefani Ciotti Photography

I remember the whirlwind of emotions when I first got engaged. The excitement, the joy, and, let’s be honest, a touch of overwhelmed nerves as I faced the daunting task of planning what was bound to be one of the most important days of my life. (The pressure mounts pretty quickly, doesn’t it?)

But after over a decade of working in the wedding industry as a DFW wedding photographer, I convinced myself that I’d be able to get through wedding planning without too much difficulty. I mean, I’d been to hundreds of weddings by that point… how hard could it really be? Ha! Turns out, even with all those years of experience in the wedding world, I was not prepared for the magnitude of the journey I was about to embark on.

All this to say: if you’re feeling any sense of overwhelm as you’re diving into your own journey, fear not! First, you’re not alone! And second, I’ve got a game-changer for you – my Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist. And the best part? It’s absolutely FREE!

I created this resource during my own wedding planning season. And I’m so excited to now be able to pass it on! This robust wedding planning checklist tool was a huge contributor to what helped me keep my sanity throughout my own wedding planning journey. And I’m hopeful it will be just as helpful for you as well. Curious to learn more? Keep scrolling!

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My Ultimate Wedding Planner Checklist

Before we dive into the details of what the free wedding planning checklist resource is. I wanted to first share a quick backstory behind the inspiration as to why I created it. This way you can get a better sense of whether it might be the right tool for you.

Why a Wedding Planning Tool?

We all know weddings are a beautiful celebration of love, but the road to that magical day can be a tad chaotic. Some of you might be spreadsheet wizards, thriving on the thrill of organizing every little detail. (And for that, I applaud you!) But for those who, like me, felt quickly lost in the sea of tasks, a reliable and detailed wedding checklist becomes your lifeline.

When I started my wedding planning journey, I scoured the internet for the perfect tool. Traditional wedding planning binders and books were great, but they lacked the versatility I was craving. I wanted something digital, accessible anytime, anywhere, and easily customizable to fit my unique (and ever-changing) wedding vision. But I couldn’t find a wedding planning app that fit the bill either.

engaged man laughing into fiancée's ear at mandalay canal walk in las colinas texas with Dallas wedding photographer Stefani Ciotti Photography

My Dream Planning Tool Journey

After realizing I likely wasn’t going to find exactly what I had envisioned, I embarked on a mission to create my dream wedding planning tool; the ultimate wedding planner checklist. I gathered to-do lists from every conceivable resource, creating a very comprehensive wedding planning timeline from the first moment of engagement to the very last post-wedding to-do. Then, as I navigated my own wedding planning, I continued to add to and refine this digital wedding planning app/resource until it included every to-do along the wedding planning journey.

Let me tell you, having this tool was a legitimate game-changer. It not only saved my sanity, but it also ensured everyone involved in the planning process was on the same page. In fact, that was another one of my favorite capabilities. Unlike your traditional physical wedding binder, which only you have access to. This lets you share your living, breathing wedding planning blueprint with all of the key players in the planning process. Delegating tasks, keeping track of progress, setting due dates, updating in real-time and scheduling out email reminders became a breeze. It kept everyone in the loop, on the same page and was accessible by anyone who needed it, from anywhere and at any time. It was so wildly helpful.

engaged man smiling at bride in red dress at mandalay canal in las colinas texas during engagement session with Stefani Ciotti Photography

Introducing Your New Wedding Planning BFF

Now, I am genuinely excited to share this tool with all of you lovely brides-to-be! If you’ve been searching for a free, versatile, simple and digital wedding planning solution, your quest ends here. Simply click the button below to snag your free download and get ready to embark on a stress-free wedding planning journey! (Okay, maybe not 100% stress-free… I, unfortunately, can only do so much from here, haha. But, you get my drift. It’s a damn good start at least!)

What’s Inside The Free Wedding Planning Checklist?

This isn’t just your average simple wedding planning checklist or wedding preparation list – it’s your personalized roadmap from engagement through the honeymoon. It is fully customizable, accessible from anywhere (via Trello‘s free app available on both desktop and mobile), and shareable with your entire squad.

If you’re new to Trello, fret not! Your download also comes with an instructional video (by yours truly), that will guide you not only through the Trello board itself – teaching you how to get the most out of your new wedding planning BFF. But, also walking you through all the basics of Trello if you’re new to this fantastic tool.

Trello is completely free to use – and you might just find that you want to make your own custom boards for everything in your life once you get the hang of it. (Not even joking, I use Trello boards for just about everything now… content creation/management, idea buckets, household chores, organizing any to-do list, my wedding seating chart… which reminds me…)

You’ll also get free access to an incredibly simple, fully customizable, drag-and-drop style Wedding Reception Seating Chart! I swear, we had our seating chart pulled up to make adjustments nearly every day in the final few weeks leading up to our wedding. I found it to be another extremely helpful and convenient tool to have in your back pocket! (Literally.)

engaged couple walking and laughing hand in hand across bride at prairie creek park in richardson texas with dallas wedding photographer Stefani Ciotti Photography during engagement session

Why Trello?

Simply put, Trello’s user-friendly interface, customization options and collaborative features make it the perfect platform for your wedding planning adventure. Regardless of where you are or where you’re accessing your board from, Trello keeps you in sync – in real-time – with your entire wedding planning squad. And I dive into far more detail explaining the many ways you can use Trello to continue customizing your board to perfectly suit YOU in your free download below!

Let’s Get Started!

Your wedding day checklist should be as unique as your love story. That’s why this is more of a robust wedding checklist template that can be fully tailored and customized to reflect your specific vision and needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Click that button below, dive into the world of stress-free wedding planning, and let’s make your dream day a reality!

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Download My Free Wedding Planning Tool Here

Your dream wedding is just a checklist away!
Click below for instant access to your new wedding planning BFF!
Have any questions along the way? Send me an email – I’d be happy to help!

Still not sure whether this wedding planning resource is for you? That’s okay! Feel free to email me with any questions you may have at and I’d be happy to answer them!

Or simply download it and try it out for yourself! It’s completely free to use – so if you’re not jiving with it – you don’t have to use it. You’ve got nothing to lose… (except for all that unnecessary stress.)

I’m so excited for you to experience the peace of mind and organization that this tool brought to my own wedding planning journey. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or want to share your own wedding planning stories. I’d love to hear them!

Until then, cheers to stress-free wedding planning!

P.S. Feel free to share this with your fellow brides and let’s build a community of empowered, stress-free wedding planners!


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