Callie + Chris Wedding in The Colony TX

intimate and unique veil shot of bride and groom leaning into each other to kiss photographed by Dallas wedding photographers

Callie and Chris’ love story isn’t one that you hear every day.  But, it’s one that gives me major goosebumps and warm fuzzy feelings every time I learn more about it.

Their story begins back in 2014 when Chris’ eldest daughter, Natalie, had just entered 6th grade and decided to join the choir.  A few weeks into the school year, Natalie’s beloved mother and Chris’ first wife, Alicia, passed away.  While planning her memorial, Chris decided that he wanted to have someone sing a few songs during the service.  Callie, who happened to be Natalie’s new choir teacher, came highly recommended.  (As she is a professional singer with the voice of an angel – and she of course accepted).

She said that being part of that day created a special bond not just between her and Chris, but also between her and his two daughters: Natalie and Lauren.  That it was like Alicia had orchestrated the entire thing from Heaven.  The two ended up becoming the best of friends over the next few years, and Callie would join him and his girls on countless friendly outings and adventures.

After 5 years of friendship, Callie suddenly realized that Chris had developed romantic feelings for her and had been “patiently pursuing” her for some time.  She said she suddenly had this lightbulb moment when she realized that he was literally made for her!  So she finally got up the nerve to ask him on an official date.  And, as they say, they’ve been inseparable ever since!

The Proposal

From Callie:

“Early in September of 2020 after a year of dating, Chris told me I needed to request the next Monday off from work.  I told him ‘not a chance’ as it was the first day back teaching in person during the Covid Pandemic.  His adamancy made me wonder, but I didn’t think much of it.  It would not be out of character for him to take me on a surprise trip.  I didn’t notice anything strange until he mentioned in a manner of words that we’d be walking a lot… but that he was planning to wear dress shoes and a dinner jacket… to go walking in.  This made zero sense to me as he said the weather would be hot and dry where we were going.

We arrived at the airport and I made it all the way onto the plane in noise-canceling headphones with still no idea where we were headed.  The location surprise was short-lived, however, when I heard the pilot mention “Las Vegas” just as “Gimme Gimme Gimme a man after Midnight” by ABBA started to fade.  I immediately thought ‘AWESOME!!  Also, false alarm.  Chris wouldn’t dream of proposing to me at a Casino’…

A Turn Of Events

I’ll admit, I felt slightly bummed.  I resonated with Pam from The Office when Pam thought she would be proposed to at Toby’s party.  I pushed it out of my mind and just focused on having a wonderful time.  Not every lady gets the privilege to just go away for the weekend with her love.  So, I was going to enjoy it regardless.  On Saturday, September 26, Chris said he was going to take me to see the beautiful water concert outside of the Bellagio Hotel.

Upon our arrival, we saw a man with a camera on a tripod.  Chris of course struck up a conversation with the man (Chris does not know a stranger – so I didn’t suspect a thing).  The man then asked if he could film us talking about our experience in Las Vegas.  We love to be on camera (hello Enneagram 3’s) and waited for the water show to start before the camera rolled.  The cameraman set us front and center of the show and began to film.  The music began, the water danced, and Chris got on one knee and asked me to be Mrs. Shaia.  All on camera.  Through some embarrassingly loud sobs, I said YES!”

There was also a little backstory to the specific song that just so happened to be playing while he proposed.  Which they believe was Alicia’s way of blessing their marriage from Heaven.  When they shared that part of the story, we were all sobbing.  How unbelievably beautiful is this relationship?

The Wedding

The love these two have for one another is inspiring.  Their shared enthusiasm for life.  Their love of adventure and experiencing new places, things and foods together.  How she feels that he brings out the best in everyone he meets.  And how he truly believes that she improves the lives of those around her every single day.  They ooze love and admiration for each other and everyone around them and I couldn’t be more honored to have witnessed and documented their union.

From the special musical performances throughout the day (most of which ended with everyone in tears).  To the heartfelt speeches from their families (… which also ended with almost everyone in tears).  To the several meaningful gifts and experiences that they surprised each other with throughout the day (like the awesome blue Tesla groom’s cake).  And all the sweet and beautiful moments in between.  Their wedding in The Colony TX was truly special.  I could write a novel about this couple’s love, but instead, I’ll let their wedding images do the rest of the talking for me.

Callie and Chris, congratulations again!  I couldn’t happier for you two.  Thank you again for trusting me with your special day.  I wish your sweet family so much love and happiness in your future adventures!

Callie + Chris Wedding in The Colony TX

The Post-Wedding Session

After their wedding in the Colony TX, Callie and Chris decided to get dressed back up in their wedding attire to do a couple’s session solely focused on them.

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Venue // Chapel at Ana Villa
Florist + Designer // Joche W. Events
Videographer // Pretty Films
Makeup // Joshua Anthony Martinez
Dress // Bridal Boutique of Lewisville
Bridesmaids Dresses // Birdy Grey
Suits // Bridal Designs and Tuxedos
Wedding Rings // Southlake Jewelers – custom rings
Invitations // Templett
Catering // FGF Catering
Cake // Laurel Wimberg
DJ // Le Force Entertainment


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