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How To Prepare For Dallas Couples Portraits

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I understand that preparing for your couples’ portraits can be a tad overwhelming, especially if it’s been a while since your last photography session. There’s a sea of online advice out there, some great, and some not so much. But fear not, I’ve got your back!

Today I’m sharing the list of “dos and don’ts” that I share with all of my own clients to ensure your photos turn out absolutely stunning.

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DON’T: Tan Right Before

Let’s start with a crucial “don’t.” Please ignore anyone who suggests getting a last-minute tan before your portrait session. Spray tans can sometimes leave streaks or uneven results, even if you’re a pro at it. And we won’t even get into the potential for the wrong or too dark of coloring. On the other hand, UV tanning can lead to pesky tan lines that are a headache to touch up (and a good number of photographers won’t even tackle those in editing).

So, if you’re considering a tan, I would highly advise that you do it at least five days before your couples’ portraits to give some time for any errors that may need tending to.

DON’T: Dress in Crazy Patterns or Trendy Fits

When it comes to wardrobe, avoid overly patterned pieces, as they can distract from the main subject: YOU. If you’re a big fan of patterns, consider keeping them small – or only have one of you wearing patterns. Additionally, I suggest steering clear of trendy novelties that might go out of fashion before your portraits even hit your wall. Sticking to classic attire that highlights your personality ensures your photos will remain timeless.

Bonus tip: try not to choose clothing that is too matchy-matchy either. In other words, wear clothes that are complementary to one another, but not the same. If one of you is wearing blue, that doesn’t mean the other has to wear the same shade of blue too! Having different colors, shades and styles helps to liven up the shoot and better represent your personalities!

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DO: Have Your Hair and Makeup Professionally Done

I recommend that your hair and makeup are professionally done – especially if these are for your engagement photos. (You can use this as a trial run with your hair/makeup artist.) But, these images are intended to be cherished for a lifetime – so make sure you feel your very best going into them! Also, consider bringing along a small makeup kit that way you can touch it up throughout the session, if necessary.

DO: Freshen Up Your Hair

While it may not be the best time for a radical hair transformation, it’s a great idea to freshen things up. This could mean touching up your roots, trimming your bangs, or shaving for a polished appearance. Your hair should complement your natural beauty, not steal the show.

engagement photographer dallas captures man and woman holding hands in a field with a sunset behind them as they are dressed in formal outfits with man in a blue suit and woman in a white cocktail dress

DO: Consider the Location

Here’s a tip that often gets overlooked. Take a moment to think about your portrait location. If you’re heading to a spot with lush greenery, it might be wise to avoid wearing green. You want to stand out in your photos, not blend into the surroundings. Consider your location when planning your outfits and consider wearing outfits that will help you pop and stand out!

DO: Plan a Date Around Your Couples Portraits

Remember, your couples’ portrait session is more than just a photoshoot. It’s a unique time for you two to connect, celebrate your love, and create beautiful memories. Why not make it extra special? Plan a date around your session and perhaps enjoy dessert or a romantic dinner afterward. It’s a great way to make the experience even more memorable.

Dallas wedding photographer Stefani Ciotti Photography captures engagement photo at Texas Women's University with engaged couple standing together looking at each other on a bridge over a lake filled with Lilly pads with trees surrounding them

I hope these tips have shed some light on how to prepare for your upcoming couples’ portraits. If you have any more questions or if you’re ready to book the perfect engagement photographer in Dallas for your session, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d love to connect with you!

Feel free to drop me a message or visit my blog for more photography insights and inspiration. Let’s make your portraits a reflection of your beautiful love story!

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