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Stefani Ciotti Photography unique family photo with flying baby falling money mom drinking wine dad smoking a cigar brother playing video games with beautiful and unique lighting during covid quarantine 2020 in dallas texas

My Most Popular Image of 2020

I’d like to take you on a little journey back to June of 2020…   The Inspiration Behind the Image It was the middle of June and my sister, Tifani, came to me with an idea. She said she wanted to create an image that really captured and represented the essence of what her last […]

Stefani + Kyle’s Origin Story

On May 16th, 2017, I was hanging out in Palos Verdes, CA, with this sweet couple taking their engagement photos. Little did I know that Pam & Rob’s love story would soon play a huge role in my own… Stefani + Kyle’s Origin Story I first met these two in a coffee shop several months […]

6 Months Baby Photoshoot

6 Months Baby Photoshoot | Custom Artwork | Adaline

Today, I wanted to share this 6 months baby photoshoot with you and the special meaning behind the images. This is one of the most personal stories I’ve shared here and some of the most meaningful images I’ve created… As some of you may know, earlier this year I lost one of my best friends. […]

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