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Stoney Ridge Villa Session | Jazzmine + Kyle Engagement

Engaged man and woman sitting on roof during sunset

Stoney Ridge Villa is a wedding venue in DFW beloved for its iconic Hacienda-style architecture and incredible customer service. From the lush vines and epic rooftop, to the overall aesthetic and feel of the venue – it is to die for! It’s always a treat to photograph milestones at SRV, and Jazzmine and Kyle’s engagement session was no exception. Today, I’m excited to share their love story and the stunning shots we got during their Stoney Ridge Villa session.

Stoney Ridge Villa Session – Jazzmine + Kyle’s Love Story

Dallas wedding photographers captures man spinning woman during outdoor engagements

Love and Dating

Jazzmine and Kyle met through mutual friends back in 2018. She had been working as a server at the bar/restaurant Fox and Hound and he would frequent the bar with friends. Over time she became friends with his friends and they were finally introduced and started hanging out as a group in the fall of 2018.

Kyle says, “We now have a regular sushi date night. Sushi date nights are my favorite because it means we finally were able to align our schedules to spend the evening together. We have also gone through almost the entire menu. So together we have found exactly what we like and have the exact same (good) taste in food and drink. And always able to catch up and get into random deep conversations about life’s recent events and our future together.”

Dallas wedding photographers capture couple looking at one another

How Did You Know They Were The One?

Jazzmine says she knew Kyle was it for her when “Months before he proposed, we were at family dinner and my mom and I were in the kitchen (needless to say we were drinking)…then I started crying to her because I was so in love with Kyle!

But my family assured me—without telling me he already asked for my hand in marriage—that he did love me as much as I loved him. I woke up the next morning embarrassed I had cried, but now I understand I am so in love with him I was afraid he wasn’t ready to spend the rest of our lives together!”

Kyle shared “For me, it wasn’t a single moment, but more interactions as we have progressively grown together. The way she cares for others, her taste in food/drinks, taste in music/movies, taste in art, and most importantly how she puts up with me so well. Just over the past couple years things were always so smooth even during tough times. I knew I wanted to be by her side for the rest of my life.”

Dallas wedding photographers captures woman wearing white dress while man wears gray dress

The Proposal

When asked how he proposed, Kyle begins, “In short… Cabo sunset cruise. Proposed during the couples’ pictures with the assistance of the Captain and photographer.”

Jazzmine expanded… “So we were enjoying the cruise and eventually they started taking individual couples photos…and we ended up being the last couple to take them. After we finished the poses the photographer told me she loved my dress and would like to take a few photos solo. The poses made me look away while Kyle got on his knees and got the ring out. The photographer then asked me to turn around and when I did, I saw Kyle from the corner of my eye on his knee and thought he fell so I looked at the camera… then I felt his tug at my hand.”

Kyle continues, “The 20 boats around us were all cheering before Jazz even noticed why I was on my knee. Ha! But she looked amazing!”

Jazzmine laughs, “Of course, I realized sooner or later and said yes and then we ended the rest of the week in Cabo as fiances!”

Dallas wedding photographers capture woman and man embracing on staircase
Dallas wedding photographers capture close up of womans engagement ring

Stoney Ridge Villa Session Dallas Engagement Photos

Stoney Ridge Villa, of course, has a great variety of locations that were perfect for the fun and romantic photos they wanted! A beautiful white stone staircase and climbing ivy were the perfect backdrop for the fun; a dreamy lawn and garden added the romance! And don’t miss the incredible rooftop photos for the grand finale to an already epic afternoon.

Of their relationship, Kyle said, “It’s amazing! She is the only one I am truly myself with, and we make sure we are always honest with each other. And to that end, we can be exactly who we are with each other every day. And want to continue being ourselves together for the rest of our lives.”

Their love for each other gives me all the feels. Their level of vulnerability and comfort with, and their deep love and respect for, each other was very apparent during their session. It was such a joy and honor to capture. I’m so excited for these two and this next big chapter in their inspiring love story together. Their Stoney Ridge Villa wedding is going to be one for the books… I can already feel it.

Dallas wedding photographers capture couple standing together hand in hand

Starting to plan your own DFW engagement session? Or have some engagement/wedding-related questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out, I’d love to help! Happy planning!

Dallas wedding photographers capture couple on rooftop
Dallas wedding photographers capture man dipping woman on rooftop
Dallas wedding photographers captures man and woman on roof during sunset


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