Travel Tips for your Honeymoon

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Travel Tips for your Honeymoon

Whether you’re a travel addict, like me, or this is your very first time traveling… or whether you’re honeymooning across the state or across the entire world. Today we’re diving into some travel tips for your honeymoon! And we’ve got a little bit for everyone, so let’s dive right in!


Travel Tips for your Honeymoon

Overlooking the beautiful water and blue building tops in Santorini by Stefani Ciotti Photography

The island of Santorini in Greece. Photo by: Stefani Ciotti Photography


Tip #1: Pack in advance

This might seem silly, but if you’re taking off on your honeymoon right after your wedding – you’re going to have a lot on your plate! Try and get as much packing for your trip done in advance. And if you can’t pack it right then, write it down! Lists are going to be your best friend during this season. (Regardless of where you’re going, be sure to throw in an extra warm sweater or blanket for the flight. It can get pretty chilly sometimes!)


Tip #2: Check your passport

Many destinations around the world require that your passport be valid for 6 months AFTER your travel date. Because passports are valid for so long as adults, many of us forget to check the expiration date until it’s too late. And that is not a position you want to find yourself as you’re checking in for your honeymoon.

So, take a quick minute to make sure your passports will be valid for a bare minimum of 6 full months from the date of your departure. Otherwise, send in for a renewal immediately! And if you don’t already have a passport, what are you waiting for?? ;)

Also, make sure that your flight and/or hotel reservations match the name on your passport!


Tip #3: Alert your bank + phone provider

The last thing you need is to be in a brand new place or country and have your credit card frozen due to “suspicious activity” or “fraud”. Notifying your bank in advance of your travels will help to avoid this! Be sure to also ask about exchange rates and ATM fees for the are you’ll be in. Pulling out cash in advance (especially in a foreign country) and taking it with you is great to be able to fall back on. Plus, not everyone accepts credit cards.

Bonus Tip: Look for a credit card that doesn’t have foreign transaction fees!

Ask your phone provider if your current plan covers phone calls, text messages, or the internet in the country or region you’re traveling to. If not, ask if they offer any travel plans. Most phone companies will also, at least, have helpful instructions on how to properly disable your data so that you aren’t unknowingly racking up international fees.


Serene view down the empty Geierlay suspension bridge in Hunsrück, Morsdorf, Germany taken by Stefani Ciotti Photography

Geierlay Suspension Bridge in Morsdorf, Germany. Photo by: Stefani Ciotti Photography


Tip #4: Plan entertainment

Sometimes the entertainment available on flights is jam-packed with great options. And other times, you’ll find yourself twiddling your thumbs for hours on end. So, I recommend bringing some backup – especially if you’ve got a long flight ahead of you! Some ideas: books, cards, coloring books and/or downloading your favorite movies and tv shows onto your iPad or phone! Did you know that you can download content on most streaming services to watch offline? So, you might as well come prepared! That is what these travel tips for your honeymoon are all about, after all!


Tip #5: Create a travel itinerary summary

This is one my mom has drilled into me over the years. And that is to create a folder of all your trip’s most important information to have on you at all times. What should you include you ask?

  • Any and all travel information. This includes flights, trains, car rentals, and hotel reservations with corresponding times, check-in information, reservation numbers, phone numbers and addresses.
  • Also include print-offs of any tour confirmations or activity reservations so you aren’t trying to frantically dig through your emails last minute. You just never know what your cell service or internet connection will be like! This will help give you peace of mind that you’ll be at the right spot at the right time. Plus, you’ll have everyone’s contact information handy should you need it.


Tip #6: Stay Hydrated

Your honeymoon is finally here and the last thing you want is to waste the first few days being painfully exhausted. Whether you’re traveling overseas and have jetlag to adjust to. Or are just severely dehydrated from wedding stress and/or partying your butt off. Make sure you’re really mindful about staying hydrated! This seems like a silly one, but it’s also one of the most overlooked!

One of my favorite ways to stay hydrated is to drink plenty of electrolytes! My personal favorites are Dr. Price’s Electrolyte Mix (I love the Lemon Lime flavor – especially if you squeeze some extra lemon in it – while my fiancé prefers the Blueberry Pomegranate.) and Liquid I.V. (we both love their Passion Fruit!) They taste delicious, are in very convenient to-go packets and are the most hydrating ones I’ve found so far.

(This is very much effective for helping to combat jetlag as well! You’d be surprised at how dehydrating flights are – which only makes it worse!)


Cloudy day at the Stonehenge in Salisbury Plain England taken by Stefani Ciotti Photography

The Stonehenge in Salisbury Plain, England. Photo by: Stefani Ciotti Photography


Tip #7: Watch your valuables

Never pack any valuables in your checked luggage (honeymoon or not). This includes, but isn’t limited to, your passport, essential documents, credit cards, medications, jewelry, cash and electronics. If your hotel room provides a safe, I highly recommend taking advantage of it. Lock up any valuable items you won’t have with you during the day.

Bonus Tip: Remember to watch for pickpockets – especially in touristy areas. Keep your purse, phone and wallet on the front of your body (including your front pockets) at all times.


Tip #8: Eat local

If you are anything like me, you would agree that food is a huge part of any traveling experience, right? So, you want to make sure you’re actually experiencing the best the area has to offer, right? So, instead of going to the busy tourist trap of a restaurant on the corner, I challenge you to find a local – someone who actually LIVES in the area – and ask them where they would go to eat. If you want to really embrace the culture’s food, eat where the locals eat. I promise, your tastebuds will thank you!


Tip #9: TSA PreCheck or Global Entry

This tip is one that I wish I had jumped on a lot sooner. If you like to travel and don’t already have one of these, I’m about to change your life. TSA PreCheck (or Global Entry) is the single greatest thing that’s happened to traveling in the past 10+ years. Haven’t heard of them, let me explain:


What is TSA PreCheck:

TSA PreCheck is a program offered by U.S. Transportation Security Administration. It offers quicker security screenings for flights departing from U.S. airports.

  • It allows you get to go through a separate line at security. Which, more often than not, is substantially shorter. They say it’s on average a 5-minute or less wait time – if there’s even a line at all.
  • You also do NOT have to remove any of the following: shoes, electronics, liquids, belts or light jackets. You simply place your bag on the belt and walk on through. It’s a traveler’s dream.

Applying for TSA PreCheck is an extremely easy process and goes like this:

  1. Click HERE to start the application process.
  2. Click on Apply Now and submit the online application. It only takes 5 minutes.
  3. Next, you’ll schedule an in-person appointment at any of their enrollment centers (they have over 380 locations to choose from nationwide, including in most airports).
  4. During your appointment, they’ll get your fingerprints for a background check and you’ll pay the $85 fee (which covers a membership for 5 years.) Most people are in and out in under 10 minutes.
  5. If/once approved, you’ll be alerted via email and sent your unique Known Traveler Number (aka “KTN”).
  6. Lastly, be sure to add your KTN to all airline reservations departing the U.S. to enjoy the benefits! OR, if you have an account with an airline you fly with frequently, add it to your account directly! This way it will automatically be applied to all future flights so you don’t have to worry about it.


What is Global Entry:

Global Entry is another program offered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. It provides all the same benefits of TSA PreCheck, plus faster U.S. customs screening for international travelers arriving at U.S. airports.

  • You have the same exact benefits as TSA PreCheck, listed above.
  • But when you travel internationally, you will have the added benefit of a quicker customs process. (There’s an entirely separate line that takes you through an automatic kiosk that I have never seen have more than 1 person in line for before). It’s absurdly fast. And if you’ve ever spent more than 2 hours waiting in line at customs before… then you know that’s an experience you really don’t want to have twice.

Applying for Global Entry is a bit more stringent and requires some extra steps:

  1. Start by visiting HERE and select Global Entry.
  2. It will direct you to create a Trusted Traveler Programs (TTP) account.
  3. Once logged into your account, you’ll be able to complete the application.
  4. A $100 non-refundable fee is required with each application (and also includes a 5-year membership, if accepted).
  5. Your application will then be reviewed. If you’re cleared for the next step, you’ll then make an appointment for an in-person interview. (They have fewer locations – most will be at the airport – and less frequent availability as well.)
  6. For the interview, you will need a valid passport and your I.D. with you.
  7. If you pass, you will be emailed a confirmation and your unique traveler number.
  8. Lastly, this program refers to the Known Traveler Number as PASSID, but the number is used the same way. So, be sure to add it to your account!

In Summary:

I travel all over the world, but, didn’t understand that Global Entry had both in one. So, I had to re-do the entire process and pay the additional $100 fee – and I’m still kicking myself for that. Don’t make my mistake! Select the one that fits your traveling habits the best.

In short, if you’re only traveling locally:
TSA PreCheck is the way to go – it’s cheaper, easier and faster to get.

But, if you’re also traveling internationally:
Global Entry is the better option – you get all the same benefits as TSA PreCheck + a speedier customs experience for only $15 more.


Tip #10: Tell people you’re on your honeymoon!

And last, but certainly not least: tell everyone that you’re on your honeymoon! Notify your airline and hotel that you’ll be traveling for your honeymoon! Share that you’re on your honeymoon during excursions and at restaurants. You never know what surprises someone might have in store for newlyweds! People love to celebrate a happy couple, so shout it from the rooftops!


Incredible photo of epic pink sunset above hamburg's warehouse district with beautiful water reflection in Germany taken by Stefani Ciotti Photography

Warehouse district in Hamburg, Germany. Photo by: Stefani Ciotti Photography


I hope these travel tips for your honeymoon were helpful! If I can help answer any other questions, please comment below or send me an email and I’d be happy to help where I can!

* All the travel imagery in this blog are my own personal travel photos. If you loved them and are interested in seeing more, you can head to my travel and landscape website here. They are also available for purchase.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for some more helpful wedding resources, be sure to head back to the blog!

Congratulations and best of luck!!

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