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What’s an Adventure Session?

Adventure session in the desert

Do you love to travel? Go on adventures? Do you have hobbies you’re passionate about? Do you enjoy exploring new places? Are you passionate about documenting your life and experiences? If you answered yes to any one of these questions, then an Adventure Session is perfect for you!

Most often, when we discuss portrait sessions the two main ideas most of us have are: that it’s a fairly quick photoshoot, maybe 1-2 hours and that it usually takes place somewhere nearby. Whether that be a pretty park down the street, a downtown area, a favorite local spot or maybe even at your own home or your photographer’s studio. And don’t get me wrong, this is the case for most of the sessions we do and we love them. However, not all sessions have to be like this, there is also another less-talked-about option!

So, today I wanted to introduce you to the “Adventure Session”.

What’s an Adventure Session?

Portrait sessions are about so much more than just having your picture taken. If you’re investing in a professional photographer, YES – you want photographs that are beautiful, creative and magazine-worthy. Without a doubt. But what if we took it even a few steps further than that? What if we not only captured stunning photographs of you, but we did so while doing something you were truly passionate about? Or in someplace that holds an extra special place in your heart?

Imagine for a moment what that might be for you.

Then imagine this: what if we were to spend a full day adventuring together and doing exactly what you were passionate about? No time-crunch, no stress: just FUN. The day could include traveling, hiking, snowboarding, horseback riding, kayaking, playing a water or land sport – you name it. If that’s not exactly your speed, perhaps it could include exploring and getting lost in a new city or town, taking in new sights, bar-hopping, a picnic in the park, a leisurely boat ride or even a fun cooking/baking day in the comfort of your own home. What if we were to photograph you doing what made you you?

Wouldn’t those photographs be just that much more meaningful to you? Wouldn’t they capture the essence of who you truly were and help to better tell your unique life story just that much better?

Why book an Adventure Session?

Here’s the deal, we are firm believers that photography shouldn’t only be reserved for your wedding day and milestone moments. Your images not only serve as daily reminders of the things that bring you the most joy and who/what you find most important in life. But, your photographs and stories are your legacy. How incredible would it be to leave behind artwork that truly captures the essence of who you are, what you loved and who you loved?

That is what we are truly passionate about at Stefani Ciotti Photography: capturing you as authentically as possible and helping you to build your legacy.

Now, if after all this you’re still looking for more “reasons” to do an Adventure Session… here are a few additional ideas:

* Dreaming of an epic surprise proposal (or you just got engaged)!
You adopted a fur baby and need new family photos!
It’s a Tuesday and sounds fun, so why not!
You’ve accomplished something and want to celebrate!
Your birthday or anniversary is coming up!
In need of some epic new artwork for your home!
You’re traveling or moving to a new and beautiful place!
You’re looking for your next adventure!

Adventure Sessions

Glamis Sand Dunes, California

St Paul de Vence, France

Antibes, France

Reach out today to start dreaming up your own Adventure Session!

If you’re looking for a more traditional photo session, you can also reach out about your Dallas portrait and engagement photography here!

Either way, we look forward to connecting and helping to document this exciting season in your life!

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