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If you read Pam and Rob’s engagement blog from a few months ago, you might remember this Pacific Palms Resort Wedding. I promised to share Pam’s version of the proposal with you… because, let’s just say it all went down a little different in her mind, haha!  If you need a refresher, here is Rob’s version with a few extra details (you can read more over at their engagement session here):

The Proposal Story

The Proposal From Rob’s P.O.V.

Pam and Rob were taking a trip to Maui back in May 2016 and little did Pam know, Rob had intended on proposing during this trip.  Culturally speaking, his mom had advised him that the luckiest day to propose was either going to be on the first or last day of the trip.  He knew there was no chance he was going to last until the end of the trip, so he was dead set on proposing the evening they arrived.  So the day finally comes, they arrived in Maui and were putzing around for a bit before Rob asked Pam what she would like to do.  It was nearing sunset and Pam suggested they walk the beach, Rob thought “perfect!” and they set off (all the while keeping his eyes peeled for the perfect spot to pop the question).

Rob saw a secluded area of the beach down the way by a large rock and started to make a beeline for it. His heart pounding 100 miles an hour as they got closer and closer.  Once they reached it, Rob whipped around, pulled out the ring, got down on one knee, and stammered a proposal.  And Pam’s heartfelt response was… “You’re doing this now?!”  Haha!  Now that you’re caught up, continue reading on for Pam’s side of the story…

The Proposal From Pam’s P.O.V.

They had arrived in Maui and were putzing around until Pam suggested walking the beach.  So they set out on their romantic stroll down the beach… which Pam very quickly realized was not much of a stroll and more of a brisk walk.  Feeling slightly out of shape, Pam started to get a little tired and began to notice Rob’s breathing speed up too, but he pressed on and so she tried to keep up.  As they continued their sprint down the beach, she started to grow a little more concerned with his odd behavior.  They finally made it to the rock when Rob suddenly whipped around to face her, standing closer to her now and that’s when she noticed his heart rate was through the roof.

Her “physician’s mind” kicked into overdrive as she immediately started assessing the scene.  If Rob were to pass out, was there anyone around that could help her get him up?  What would he need, how far would they need to go, what were her best options?  Meanwhile Rob is stammering through his profession of love to her and finishes with “Will you marry me?” to which she was in total shock as she was busy worrying that he was going to be on the ground any second and thus responded “You’re doing this now?!”  After realizing that his odd behavior and abnormally elevated heart rate were entirely due to nerves and excitement and not for other medical reasons, she finally (and of course) responded with a “Yes!”  Haha, I mean, how is that for a proposal story?!  I died when they told me this story!

The Wedding Day – Pacific Palms Resort Wedding

Pam and Rob’s wedding day was absolutely perfect and I couldn’t have imagined a more beautifully suited backdrop for it than Pacific Palms Resort in the City of Industry.  The resort offers so much variation in such a close space. They have the bridge, pond/lake, gazebo, cityscape, greenery.  It’s truly amazing for photography!  I loved the pops of red and lavender flowers and decor they added throughout their day.  Not to mention her long veil was stunning!

Rob’s vows to Pam had me and everyone else in tears during their ceremony, they were so thoughtful and heartfelt.  Pam had everyone chuckling during the reception while she shared her version of their wonderfully memorable proposal and their family and friends had everyone in stitches with their hilarious and incredibly sweet toasts & speeches.  The day was filled with so much love and joy.  I’m very honored to have been able to capture this Pacific Palms Resort Wedding.  It’s been such a pleasure getting to know these two.  I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for them!  I’m so excited to share some of my favorite images from their wedding with you; enjoy!!

Bride and groom rings photographed by Stefani Ciotti at a Pacific Palms Resort Wedding Pacific Palms Resort Wedding Dress and invitation close up Bridesmaid buttoning up back of bride's wedding dress before Pacific Palms Resort Wedding Groom buttoning tuxedo jacket with red vest and bow tie before Pacific Palms Resort Wedding Bridal stationery, necklace, earrings, bracelet and wedding rings Pacific Palms Resort Wedding Bride getting dressed before Pacific Palms Resort Wedding Groom getting into black tuxedo with red accents at Pacific Palms Resort Wedding Wedding dress and bridal necklace in hotel room Pacific Palms Resort Wedding Bride in wedding dress and earrings in hotel room at Pacific Palms Resort Wedding Groom adjusting black cufflinks at Pacific Palms Resort Wedding Beautiful woman in wedding dress adjusting earring Asian groom adjusting cufflink against plain wall bride looking at her dress and shoes before ceremony at Pacific Palms Resort Wedding Bridal portrait with window light in California hotel Black tuxedo with a red vest, bow tie and pocket square Mom helping bride put on bracelet while laughing Beautiful diamond bracelet Bride and mom laughing after daughter leaves lipstick kiss mark on face Half body portrait of asian groom in tuxedo Bridesmaid putting necklace on asian bride next to hotel window Portrait of beautiful asian bride against hotel window Half body portrait of asian bride behind veil against window Pacific Palms Resort WeddingBack of bride's white wedding dress and long flowing veil Groom on balcony looking out over golf course Beautiful asian bride in white wedding dress and long flowing veil Bride walking up to groom on patch of grass during Pacific Palms Resort Wedding Groom seeing bride for the first time on wedding day Bride seeing groom for the first time on wedding day Beautiful bride and groom portrait at Pacific Palms Resort Wedding Asian bride and groom hugging each other Groom hugging bride from behind and holding hands Cute couple's portrait of bride and groom outdoors Half body portrait of husband and wife looking at camera Asian couple holding hands and looking at eachother Groom hugging bride from behind and smiling at camera Beautiful bride looking at handsome groom at resort in City of Industry Portrait of bride hugging groom by Stefani Ciotti Groom sweetly kissing bride on cheek at Pacific Palms Resort Bride and groom hugging in grass surrounded by palm trees Groom hugging bride from behind romantically Bride and groom holding hands and walking down a hallway Bride and groom strolling hand in hand and looking at each other Bride and groom's family standing next to couple at Pacific Palms Resort Wedding Groom's family surrounding couple outside Wedding party lined up and smiling at camera Bridesmaids and groomsmen celebrating couple's marriage Bride smiling with bridesmaids in purple dresses Groom smiling with groomsmen in black tuxedos Bridesmaids holding out wedding bouquets towards camera Editorial pose of wedding party at Pacific Palms Resort Casual pose of groom with groomsmen outdoors Photo of bride with bridesmaids by Stefani Ciotti in City of Industry Wedding party laughing in purple dresses next to trees Bride and groom looking lovingly at each other with veil flowing in wind Wedding couple kissing behind long flowing veil in the daytime Wedding couple kissing in grass with veil flying overlooking the city in CA Wedding ceremony site at Pacific Palms Resort in City of Industry Outdoor ceremony site in grass surrounded by trees overlooking city Ceremony aisle leading up to white gazebo with green trees and a blue sky White gazebo with purple accent drapes covered in red and white flowers Groom smiling and walking down the aisle Father walking bride down aisle during ceremony Groom seeing bride for the first time during ceremony Father of bride gets emotional walking down aisle Bride putting ring on groom during wedding ceremony Bride getting emotional during vows Groom reading vows to bride emotionally Bride looking lovingly at groom during wedding ceremony Groom laughing at bride during wedding ceremony in gazebo Bride gazing emotionally towards groom under ceremony gazebo Wedding couple laughing while exchanging vows and holding hands Groomsmen laughing during wedding ceremony Wedding couple holding hands under gazebo during wedding ceremony Bride and groom first kiss in outdoor wedding ceremony Husband and wife laughing and holding hands at Pacific Palms Resort Bride and groom walking down aisle holding hands and smiling Wedding couple walking hand in hand laughing towards each other Bride holding groom's hand walking side by side and smiling at each other Happy just married couple holding hands in grass field Bride and groom dancing on lawn at Pacific Palms Resort Wedding Bride cupping groom's face smiling with veil blowing in wind Bride and groom smiling at camera from behind flowing veil Couple kissing at Pacific Palms Resort Wedding Wedding couple laughing at each other behind floating veil Groom snuggling into bride on bridge by water at Pacific Palms Resort Wedding Bride happily gazing at groom on bridge at resort in City of Industry Couple walking down a covered path at Pacific Palms Resort Wedding Wedding couple kissing on bridge surrounded by grass and palm trees Bride and groom gazing lovingly at each other on bridge by water Wedding couple holding hands on bridge at Pacific Palms Resort Wedding Couple smiling at each other lovingly by Stefani Ciotti Pacific at Palms Resort Wedding Sweet couple whispering against bridge at resort wedding in California Bride and groom entering reception for grand entrance Wedding couple dancing first dance at Pacific Palms Resort Wedding Husband and wife kiss after first dance during wedding reception Bride and groom give toast on dance floor during reception Groom kneels by bride and tells guests story of their proposal Couple laughing at sweethearts table during wedding reception Groom laughing hysterically into brides dress during groomsman speech Groomsmen delivering speech during wedding reception Wedding couple smiling and sitting in white chairs with red ribbons Brother of the bride delivering wedding speech Guests laughing during wedding reception speech Wedding couple laughing at groomsman in banquet hall White tiered wedding cake with red and purple flowers at Pacific Palms Resort Wedding Champagne flutes next to wedding cake Asian bride and groom under tree during sunset at Pacific Palms Resort Wedding Couple standing on grass hill looking out over city at nighttime Groom dipping bride for kiss overlooking nighttime cityscape Wedding couple holding hands looking at each other on hill in City of Industry Bride and groom by tree at night at Pacific Palms Resort Wedding

Venue // Pacific Palms Resort
Coordinator/Officiant/DJ // MPS Events aka Machs Party Studio
Florist // Creative Floral Designs
Videography // Bradley Toms Visuals
Hair/Makeup // Jackie Su Makeup & Hair Artistry
Cake // Fantasy Frostings
Dress // Stella YorkLove Boat Bridal
Bridesmaids Dress // JJS HOUSE
Suits // Friar Tux Shop
Ceremony Music // Ondine Chamber Ensemble
Second Photographer // Derrick Yazzie
Third Photographer/Assistant // Bee Ruiz

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  1. Kristi says:

    Such a beautiful day and couple! I love the wedding dress too!

  2. Liz says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! I love the pop of red. What a beautiful wedding!

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