San Dimas Canyon Golf Course Wedding, San Dimas | Diana + David

San Dimas Canyon wedding at golf course

The universe could not have blessed these two with a more perfect day for their San Dimas canyon wedding!  Not only did it rain – which is considered good luck by many!  But because it rained right before their reception, it was just enough to rain out all of the golfers for the rest of the evening!  Therefore we had the entire golf course to ourselves for the portraits section of the day (which brings me back to the good luck bit)!

The Wedding Day

The ceremony was held at the Saint Frances of Rome Church, which is beautiful with its stained glass windows lining the walls.  The reception was held at the gorgeous San Dimas Canyon Golf Course, and due to the rain, we were able to take full advantage of their fantastic grounds.  From the mountains in the background to the trees lining the courses, to the lakes/fountains out by several of the holes and the very unique clock set up outside the venue; we could have kept shooting for days!  It was just stunning.

The only thing more beautiful than the venue itself was the couple.  I have had such a wonderful time getting to know Diana and David over the past few months.  They have such a caring, generous and loving nature and it is has been amazing to see and to be around.  It was very evident throughout the day how much their family and friends meant to them (and vice versa) and to see that much love on a wedding day is always incredibly special.

Diana and David, you two are so lovely together.  I have enjoyed every minute spent with you and I can only wish you tremendous amounts of love and happiness in this next chapter of your lives together!

San Dimas Canyon Golf Course Wedding Photos

And now, without further ado, please enjoy some of my favorite images from this incredibly beautiful day!

dianadavidwedding-0401 dianadavidwedding-9327 dianadavidwedding-0779dianadavidwedding-0574 dianadavidwedding-0806dianadavidwedding-0834 dianadavidwedding-0415 dianadavidwedding-9291dianadavidwedding-9289dianadavidwedding-0393dianadavidwedding-9351 dianadavidwedding-0788dianadavidwedding-0403dianadavidwedding-9336 dianadavidwedding-9292 dianadavidwedding-0433 dianadavidwedding-0810 dianadavidwedding-9294dianadavidwedding-9341 dianadavidwedding-9282 dianadavidwedding-0427 dianadavidwedding-9708 dianadavidwedding-9675dianadavidwedding-9451dianadavidwedding-9775 dianadavidwedding-9865 dianadavidwedding-9517 dianadavidwedding-9911 dianadavidwedding-9543dianadavidwedding-9907 dianadavidwedding-9626 dianadavidwedding-0018 dianadavidwedding-0113dianadavidwedding-0134 dianadavidwedding-0159 dianadavidwedding-0173 dianadavidwedding-0240 dianadavidwedding-0167dianadavidwedding-0272 dianadavidwedding-0341 dianadavidwedding-0294 dianadavidwedding-0265 dianadavidwedding-0329 dianadavidwedding-9757-2 dianadavidwedding-0384 dianadavidwedding-9766-2dianadavidwedding-0522 dianadavidwedding-0579 dianadavidwedding-9859-2 dianadavidwedding-0562 dianadavidwedding-0516 dianadavidwedding-0570 dianadavidwedding-0456 dianadavidwedding-9812-2 dianadavidwedding-0440 dianadavidwedding-0582 dianadavidwedding-0543 dianadavidwedding-0479 dianadavidwedding-9858-2 dianadavidwedding-0552 dianadavidwedding-9807-2 dianadavidwedding-0547 dianadavidwedding-0524 dianadavidwedding-0467 dianadavidwedding-0441 dianadavidwedding-0640dianadavidwedding-0635 dianadavidwedding-0035-2 dianadavidwedding-0671 dianadavidwedding-9999-2 dianadavidwedding-0669 dianadavidwedding-0013-2 dianadavidwedding-0663 dianadavidwedding-9674-2 dianadavidwedding-9691-2 dianadavidwedding-0084-2 dianadavidwedding-9684-2 dianadavidwedding-9701-2 dianadavidwedding-9710-2dianadavidwedding-0177-2 dianadavidwedding-9737-2 dianadavidwedding-9725-2 dianadavidwedding-0739 dianadavidwedding-0689 dianadavidwedding-0709dianadavidwedding-0113-2 dianadavidwedding-0508-2 dianadavidwedding-1019 dianadavidwedding-0323-2 dianadavidwedding-1294 dianadavidwedding-0992-2 dianadavidwedding-1011-2dianadavidwedding-1317 dianadavidwedding-1027-2dianadavidwedding-1333 dianadavidwedding-1039-2 dianadavidwedding-1342 dianadavidwedding-1117dianadavidwedding-0733-2dianadavidwedding-0755 dianadavidwedding-1149 dianadavidwedding-1085 dianadavidwedding-1088 dianadavidwedding-1098

If you want more, be sure to check out their adorable engagement session at the LA Arboretum earlier this year!

Liked this wedding?  Then you’ll also love Natalie’s wedding – Diana’s sister is now married too!!


Wedding Photography // Stefani Ciotti Photography
Venue + Catering // San Dimas Canyon Golf Course
Venue Coordinator // Melinda Garza
Florist // Vave Studios
Dress // Casablanca BridalYelena Bridal
Heels // Badgley Mischka
Jewelry // Nadri
DJ // Famous DJ Agency
Cake // Some Crust Bakery
Photobooth // iPicBooth
Second Photographer // Sarah Hurley
Photography Assistant // Bee Ruiz

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  1. Love those outdoor golf course shots!!

  2. Jesi says:

    So beautiful!!! Their church is so pretty!! Perfect place to get married!

  3. Jill says:

    What a sweet couple, and so beautifully captured!!!

  4. So elegant and fun!! I love the invitation suite!

  5. Holly Frazier says:

    Just beautiful!! Love the details!

  6. Misty says:

    Those details are STUNNING!!! What a gorgeous bride, and a perfect wedding!

  7. Candi says:

    This is beautiful!!

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