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Your Ultimate Week-Of Wedding Checklist

Bride laughing in bridal suite at Knotting Hill Place captured by Stefani Ciotti Photography

Can you believe it? Your big day is almost here! After all the Pinterest boards, dress fittings, and cake tastings, it’s finally the home stretch. This week is your moment, the final countdown to your beautiful wedding. Now, I know it can feel like there’s a mountain of tasks left to conquer, but let’s take a deep breath together. This is going to be a week full of excitement, a few butterflies, and a whole lot of love. To ensure everything is ready to go for your big day, I’ve put together a week-of wedding checklist for you to walk through. I hope this helps to give you some peace of mind as you inch closer to your big day! Let’s walk through it together!

Bride laughing in bridal suite at Knotting Hill Place captured by Stefani Ciotti Photography

Your Week-of Wedding Checklist for a Stress-Free Celebration

1. Final Vendor Check-In

Let’s kick off the week by touching base with your vendors. A quick chat to confirm those final details will set the tone for a well-orchestrated event. It’s all about ensuring everyone’s in sync and on the same page.

As a Dallas wedding photographer, I always schedule a Final Talk Through the week or two leading up to the wedding day. This meeting to touch base and go over timelines, family shot lists and any final details that may have changed last-minute is invaluable. It ensures the day runs smoothly and gives my brides the peace of mind that we’re on the same page. It allows them to relax, be fully present and enjoy their wedding day – knowing their photography is in good hands.

2. Last Look at the Wedding Timeline

Grab your wedding timeline and let’s give it one more look. It’s your day’s blueprint, after all. Ensure there’s a little cushion time for those just-in-case moments, and share it with your squad and vendors.

Tip: Want to be certain that you’ve set aside enough time throughout the day to ensure you’ll be able to capture all of the photographs you’ve been dreaming of? Check out this blog that takes a deep dive into your Wedding Photography Timeline and the Ideal Times for your Photography.

3. Pamper and Prep

This week is the perfect excuse for some pampering. Self-care isn’t just a luxury this week; it’s a must. Schedule those beauty appointments early in the week – a manicure, a soothing facial, and/or maybe a relaxing massage. You’ve earned it!

Candle and hot stones

4. Lean on Your Tribe

Those last-minute tasks? You don’t have to tackle them alone. Make a list of everything left to do and delegate! Your family and friends are your support system. Whether it’s picking up decor or assembling favors, let them support you however and wherever needed.

5. Pack Your Week-of Essentials

Think of your wedding day emergency kit as your best friend. Pack it with essentials – from safety pins for those unexpected wardrobe malfunctions to your favorite lipstick for touch-ups. Oh, and snacks – because a happy bride is a well-fed bride!

Tip: Looking for what all you should include in your Wedding Day Emergency Kit? Check out the full list I recommend here:

6. Rest and Recharge

This is non-negotiable. Sleep, relax, and breathe. You want to be your most radiant, energized self as you walk down that aisle. Carving out time for yourself will be invaluable this week! Whether it’s a quiet evening with a good book or a relaxing date night with your partner – you can’t over-rest this week. Trust me. Don’t forget to drink tons of water this week as well for the most glowing skin!

Bride being hugged from behind by mom in Chapel Ana Villa bridal suite

Bonus Tips for a Seamless Final Countdown

Stay Hydrated and Nourished: This week is a marathon, not a sprint. Keep water and healthy snacks close by. Your body and mind will need all the love they can get. Your energy and bridal glow depend on it!

Checklists are Your Best Friend: From guest lists to decor details, keep your checklists updated and handy. A little organization goes a long way in keeping the chaos at bay.

Tip: Looking for a completely customizable wedding planning and checklist tool? Check out my free one below:

Embrace the Now: If you feel a wave of stress coming on, just pause and take a deep breath. Remember, this week is about celebrating your love. Stay present and soak in every beautiful, quirky, and heartwarming moment.

Embrace Flexibility: If there’s one thing certain about wedding planning, it’s uncertainty. If things don’t go exactly as planned, try your best to laugh it off. Sometimes it’s those unplanned moments that make the best memories. And 10 years from now, all of those little details that went askew will feel completely insignificant in comparison to the overwhelming joy of your wedding day.

Stay Connected with Your Partner: Amid the whirlwind, stay grounded in your love. Share the tasks, the laughs, and the excitement. This journey is yours, together.

Bride and groom laughing and walking hand in hand on Stoney Ridge Villa rooftop captured by Stefani Ciotti Photography

Week-Of Wedding Checklist Final Thoughts

Your wedding week might feel like a whirlwind, but remember, at the heart of it all is you – your love, your story, and your journey. With a little preparation and a dash of self-care, you’ll be heading into your wedding day fully prepared to be present and soaking in and celebrating every incredible moment!

I’m here cheering you on every step of the way!

If you’ve got stories to share, questions to ask, or just need a little encouragement, drop a comment below or reach out directly. This journey is yours, and it’s going to be spectacular. Here’s to a week filled with love, laughter, and the perfect lead-up to your happily ever after!


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