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How to Choose a Location for Engagement Photos

Photo Location for Engagement Photos

There is so much to think about when preparing for a photo shoot. I know that it can be overwhelming to try and figure out how to choose a location for engagement photos. Where do you begin? As a local portrait and engagement photographer in DFW, I have a unique take on this.

Step 1

I believe the most important thing to consider first is this: imagine yourself 20-30 years from now. You’re sitting with family, flipping through images, sharing stories, reminiscing about the “old days”, and then you get to this session: what do you feel as you’re looking at these images? What do you want to remember?

Do you want them to embody your sense of adventure, your strength, your sense of humor, your deep love for one another? What’s representative of both your personalities and/or this time in your life? Do you dress up and go out every night? Do you prefer quiet and intimate nights in? Are you always on the hunt for your next adventure? Are you traveling? Hiking? Cooking? Reading? Netflix-binging? (no judgment ;))

But what makes you YOU?

I want you to look at these images and be instantly transported back to this period of your life. I want your children, nieces/nephews, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to feel and understand exactly who you were just by looking at these images. After all, we’re in the business of documenting legacies, not just capturing beautiful pictures.

So, what do you want to remember?

Having a clear concept of this in your mind will help tremendously as you start to narrow down location options.

Step 2

Now that you have a good idea of what you want these images to embody. If no particular photo location has jumped out at you yet, the next thing we recommend considering is this: what are some meaningful locations to you?

For example: What activities do you enjoy doing together, and where? Are you adventurous or homebodies? Where do you typically find yourselves on the weekends? Is there a special place you like to get away to whenever you get the chance? What do you bond over?

If it’s for an engagement specifically: Where did you meet? Where was your first date? Is there someplace you frequent together? Where did the proposal take place?

Choosing a photo location for your engagement session that is in some way significant to you helps to further capture and tell your unique story. This, in turn, ensures your images will be that much more meaningful to you in the long run.

One of my favorite examples of this was Nina & Zak’s bar engagement session. They chose to have their engagement photos taken at the bar where they met for the first time years ago and still frequent together to this day! It was relaxed, fun, and personal, and represented their relationship perfectly!

So this is always the second thing I recommend considering. However, sometimes even after going through steps 1 and 2, still no particular place or location sticks out or excites you. Or maybe you would simply just prefer a beautiful backdrop and you know what, that’s perfectly okay too!

Step 3

Step 3 is what I’ll be covering in the next blog post. Maybe you have a vision of what you want the photo location to look or feel like, but don’t know where to find it in Dallas/Fort Worth?

If that’s the case, head over to the next blog in this 2-part series to find a list of some of my favorite photo locations in Dallas/Fort Worth. If you are looking for a photo location that is a bit more adventurous and unique, then you might also want to check out the blog on adventure sessions!

If I can help answer any other questions, please reach out. I’d love to help!


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